Vermont Sundae Sauces

Chocolate-Wine-250x125 The ultimate Vermont journey ends on a sundae! My Grandmother passed down the recipe for an old-fashioned hot fudge sauce. I have since created six more unique flavors. All of the sauces taste great on any dessert… but best on just a spoon! Shop Sundae Sauces HERE! 
“CUP” Cakes

Cup-Cakes250x125 Hot fudge cake, baked in the microwave, in its own 16 oz. coffee cup. Choose from maroon, teal, black, yellow cream, dark green lime and red! Shop “Cup” Cakes HERE!

Gift Baskets

Gift-Basket-250x125 Vermont Sundae Sauce Gift Baskets include a basket with three (3) – 8 ounce Sundae Sauces of your choice, an ice cream scoop and a gift tag. Shop Gift Baskets HERE!